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Individual Therapy

River Valley
I work holistically honoring your individual needs, desires, and goals. This includes your spiritual, intellectual, psychological, interpersonal and cultural aspects of what makes you a whole person. I pull from a variety of approaches to met you where you are at in the therapeutic process. 

Theories I pull from: 

In short, Attachment Theory focuses on relationships you have made with yourself and others and through those relationships are how you connect and live in the world. Humanistic Theory takes the stance that you, the client, know and have the ability within you to change your path, and I, the therapist, take a stance of looking at you, the individual, and believe in your ability of choice while offering a safe and nurturing environment. I use Psychoanalytic Theory to look at your family of origin, how you may, often unconsciously, project your needs and expectations on others, Together we can examine defense mechanisms (protections) that are no longer serving you. Internal Family Systems uses a family systems lens to identify and get to know the different parts of you that have been working hard to keep you going. In IFS all parts are welcome and you begin to learn you have the ability within you to nurture and unburden the parts that are no longer serving you.

Modalities and Interventions I pull from: 

Anti-Oppression interventions use contradictions to the stories you have been told and/or have adopted about yourself that make you feel less than and the behaviors that accompany those beliefs. Many social constructs are based on oppressing another and those subtle and overt beliefs fuel ways of being and knowing in the world. The result of oppression can come between your Self and who you are taught to be. Mindfulness helps you learn how your thoughts and behavior are connected to your presence in the world. I use mindfulness techniques such as grounding and orienting to bring you into the present moment where life is lived. Somatic processing brings awareness of what is going on within you when you are in in your brain or on auto-pilot. I use breath work, guided imagery, and focus to your body to bring awareness of reaction and causation of doing and thinking. Trauma-informed means I provide psycho-education on how trauma affects your perspective in and on the world and how you are effected physiologically. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) uses psychodynamic theory, theory of neural cognition, rapid desensitization and somatic processing to help people recover from traumatic flashbacks, toxic memories, and nightmares. EMDR is is a mind-body integrative process. I use a pulsing bilateral energy as a medium to access the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.  Emotion Freedom Technique uses acupressure points to connect somatically and taps into a cognitive behavioral technique of thought changing to help people recover from anxiety loops. 

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